Azra Bajrami, better known as Azzyland, is a 29-year-old Toronto-based content creator who started her journey on YouTube as a hobby during a break from university. Formerly renowned as a talented cosplayer, Azzyland gained recognition for her handcrafted costumes and appearances at conventions, catching the attention of influential YouTubers who encouraged her to establish her own channel. Initially centered around cosplay, her content shifted to focus on gaming, including Let’s Plays and vlogs from gaming conventions. Since going full-time in 2016, her channel has experienced exponential growth, boasting over 13 million subscribers. In addition to her impressive YouTube success, Azzyland has also established herself as a sought-after brand collaborator. Partnering with renowned companies such as LG, Puma, and Foreo, she has effectively bridged the gap between her engaging content and the interests of her dedicated fan base. These brand partnerships have allowed Azzyland to further expand her reach and influence while aligning her personal brand with top-tier companies in the industry.

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